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Parent teacher organization


In an effort to aid in communication, we encourage parents/guardians to become active members in a Parent/Teacher Organization.  The purpose of such an organization is to enhance relationships between parents/guardians and teachers.

We desire for parents to play an active part in Winans Academy of Performing Arts.  There are several areas in which we would like to have parents volunteer and assist in the smooth operation of the school.  Each parent is expected to volunteer no less than 10 hours per school year.  Please contact the school’s Main Office to offer your assistance.

The Parent Teacher Organization has branches for both the Elementary and Middle school at the Dominican campus. Each branch has elected officers and those officers work hard to also build community and strengthen the support and involvement of parents. 

In 2007, the Dominican PTO created a WAPA Parent’s Creed. 

I am a parent of the Marvin L. Winans Academy of Performing Arts.  I have been blessed with the gift and responsibility of raising and nurturing a child.  Thusly, I am vigilant, dedicated, and strong.  Uniquely gifted, I am involved and capable, willing to support my child and the school through my service, skills and positive attitude.  And this will I do, so help me God.


For a schedule of PTO meetings and fundraiser events, please see the school monthly calendar of events or the school linear calendar for the year. 

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